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Dear international passenger!

If you are looking for a website version in english there is none. Thus this short text.

We cater primarily for the frequent and danish traveller between the cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen. From experience we know that it will take a while for a website to settle down to a final version. Obviously we will eventually have an english version of the website as well however it would be cumbersome to maintain a bilingual version at this point.

We fly every weekday up to 5 times from Copenhagen and up to 5 times from Aarhus. The ticket fee is normally. DKK 1.897 each way + credit card fees. There is a possibility of booking last minute roundtrips with no stop over at a discounted price on select departures. 

The trip last about 45 minutes. We land outside or inside the harbours in each end and dock at Miljøhavnen in Aarhus and at Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen - 5 minutes from downtown. 

If you seek further information or need assistance to book a ticket feel free to try your luck on the website: BOOKING or write us an email at

"Voksen" means "adult". "Enkelt" means "one way". "Retur" means "Roundtrip". At a later stage if there is the demand for it we will obviously have an English version also.

Thank you for your patience and welcome on board.

NORDIC Seaplanes A/S