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Welcome to the unique experience of sightseeing over Copenhagen or Aarhus

It is always very special to experience the birds-eye-view of a new city from the air. On our sightseeing trips we climb to approximately 500m‚ just high enough so you can clearly see the city’s streets‚ canals‚ ships‚ coastline and iconic buildings.

The Experience:
The event starts with our pilots speaking about ‘what it's like to fly a seaplane’. In addition to usual aspects of flying an airplane‚ Seaplanes require an extra set of skills‚ similar to those of sailing or operating a powerboat.

Then we board the plane‚ and taxi out for takeoff‚ the flight itself‚ and the landing.
Typically‚ the whole event lasts approximately 30 minutes‚ including 20 minutes in the air.

Sightseeing Season:
June‚ July‚ August and September

Until Friday September 2nd‚ you can experience Copenhagen from the air in the middle of the day. Usually at 11.30 and 12.30. Pease check the availability on our booking site.

From September 6th up to and including September 29th we fly sightseeing at 18:15.

Nordre Toldbod 29
1259 København K
Paid parking is available close by

Monday‚ September 12th‚ 19th and 26th at 18:15

Østhavnsvej 37
8000 Aarhus C
Free parking available at our seaplane terminal


Price per. person 697 kr.
The price is the same for adults and children.

Check-in no later than 20 minutes before departure.

Luxury Sightseeing – ‘Fly Twice’ - Season all year
For selected departures‚ we offer a round-trip on our main route so customers can ‘fly-twice’.. Copenhagen -> Aarhus -> Copenhagen‚ or Aarhus -> Copenhagen -> Aarhus.

This tour gives guests a total of approximately 90 minutes in the air‚ plus a short break while we refuel and change passengers at the other end. You’ll have enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee‚ use the washroom‚ etc. before your return flight.

A confirmed seat for Luxury Sightseeing can be booked for DKK 1997 per seat‚ by calling our reservations department at +45 70 20 00 60.

To book a standby seat for Luxury Sightseeing‚ you must drop in to our Copenhagen or Aarhus gates and speak to our friendly staff to see if space is available.  . Please note that we only offer this ticket during the last 30 minutes before your first departure. Price DKK 1.397

You can read more about booking your tickets here
You are now ready to book.

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